Diamond Buying Guide

Diamonds are fascinating stones that can baffle a first- time buyer with their diversity.
Purchasing a diamond engagement ring or even diamond earrings is a mystifying ordeal for first-time diamond buyers. We believe an informed and educated buyer is a more satisfied customer.

Whether you are buying your first diamond or have purchased diamond jewelry many times before, we want to give you all the important facts about the Four "C's" - cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.


Diamonds have many different shapes, cuts, and sizes. Preference for a particular style is a matter of individual taste. The choices are unlimited. We hope this information gives you the confidence you deserve when making that choice. Our highly trained sales professionals will also be able to offer suggestions. They have experience and knowledge that you can depend on. We offer you our reliability, integrity, and knowledge.

What to Look For
When Buying A Diamond

Before you buy a diamond, we suggest you learn as much as you can. Compare quality and value. Ask to see the credentials of the store and those of its sales associates. Ethical standards, professional training and degrees, reputations in the community and the gemological world are all very important.

Buying a diamond can be very challenging. For example, there are 21 grades of color, from colorless to yellow. There are 11 grades of clarity, from flawless to imperfect. This presents 231 possible grades before the quality of the cutting is even considered. Learning about the four C's will take the mystery out of making your selection.

In addition, there is a very important fifth C. It is confidence....confidence in the integrity, reliability, reputation, and the gemological knowledge of the jewelers with whom you choose to do business.

If you comparison shop for diamonds of the same quality, comparing "apples to apples", you will be pleasantly surprised at the superior quality and value at our store!