Welcome High School Students!

You are now ready to enter into a tradition that began years ago: a class ring to celebrate your school spirit, academic successes, sporting triumphs, and dreams for your future. The class ring is a personalized memento that lives on forever; it is a piece of history that captures your high school years and memories and displays them for you to look upon with pride. Altemueller Jewelry is an official supplier of class rings for local high schools, and we back every ring!



We offer exceptional class rings through ArtCarved, the best class ring available. Not only do we offer you superior quality, excellent prices, more personalization, (two lines on each side, and particular sports positions and band instruments, which no other manufacturer will do) hundreds of options, and quick delivery, (most rings arrive in 4 to 6 weeks, much sooner than if ordered at school from Jostens), we give you outstanding service all year round.



Your ring can include your choice of hundreds of different activities (including those outside of school, multiple sports, band instruments, and organizations), logos, and mascots available.

The choice of center stone is also yours, and there are over a hundred different ones to choose from! ArtCarved also offers stone encrusting, (including the blue jay mascot), a design under the stone, and inside engraving.


Our extraordinary staff will personally size your finger for a perfect fit the first time. Also, at any time, you can come to Altemueller Jewelry to have your ring cleaned while you wait. The ArtCarved warranty also includes free lifetime sizing, free replacement of broken or chipped synthetic stones, and free refinishing. Insurance is also available, which can provide a new ring if the original is lost or stolen within the first four years.

Altemueller's has been a part of this community since 1902, and we are now in our third generation of family ownership. We are here to serve you, and together with our wonderful staff, will help you make the best class ring purchase for your high school experience! Because we are a local business, the school directly benefits from the sale of each class ring through your tax dollars! Also, Altemueller's supports the school district through school auctions, raffles, and sports sponsorships for not only the high school, but for the middle school and elementary schools as well.

Our friendly staff is ready to assist you in ordering your class ring anytime. Be sure to bring a $50 deposit with you when you are ready to order your class ring!

Thank you for supporting local small business by purchasing your ArtCarved class ring from us! Please visit our store location at 2057 Washington Crossing, at the intersection of 47 and 100 in Washington, call us at 636-239-6167, or e-mail us with any questions! We would love to help in any way possible as you consider your class ring options or any other jewelry purchase!