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Friday, 02 July 2010 08:31

A baby cup being engraved.


Custom engraving can include providing us with your own two-dimensional artwork to be turned into a computer file the engraving machine can utilize.

The possibilities for personalized engraving are endless, as represented here by this pendant engraved with a child's drawing.


At Altemueller Jewelry, we offer custom computerized engraving services on a variety of items. Anything from glassware, picture frames, Bibles, watches, or wine bottles can be engraved to your specifications. A variety of font styles and designs are available, and custom logos can be engraved on many items. Gold leaf and color-filled lettering is also available, so almost anything you imagine can be produced!

Wedding parties receive a discount on their total when they place a gift order with us to be engraved. Wine glasses, pocketknives, and shot glasses are examples of popular engravable wedding party gifts. For the couple, toasting glasses, cake knives and servers, and even the inside of rings can be engraved to make the wedding day more special.

Brass plates can be cut, engraved with personalized information, and affixed to any item with a suitable flat surface. We are one of the only businesses in Washington to provide gold-leaf engraving on Bibles, and gold leaf is also available on many other items for a very reasonable price. Engraving can be performed on items not purchased at our store, but we ask that you understand that we cannot guarantee the item will not chip, flake, peel, or otherwise be harmed during the engraving process.

Pricing for an engraving job is based on the type of engraving to be done (flat, cylindrical, glass, or metal) and how many characters are being engraved. We recommend that you call our store at 636-239-6167 or come visit us at our main location to find out more about engraving and prices.

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