Jewelry Repair

Cyril working hard.

A wax mold was made of this ring and used to cast a piece of the band, which was then added to the ring to make the size larger.

At Altemueller Jewelry, we provide high-quality jewelry repair. We have three full-time jewelers on staff, so all work is done in-store. Common simple repairs include ring resizings, soldering broken chains, repairing or replacing broken prongs, and stone replacements. Prices are based on how much labor time is involved and what type of material is being used. For more information on the price to repair a specific item, we recommend that you bring the piece in to our store to allow a jeweler to inspect it. This will give us a chance to provide you with an estimate before any work is performed.

Besides repair, we also offer custom settings and designs. Mountings, stones, and bands can all be custom-made to your specifications. Because the options are so limitless, we recommend that you visit our store to view what we have available and can specially design for you. A member of our friendly staff will assist you in selecting exactly what you desire to make your piece special.

Another very valuable service that we provide at Altemueller Jewelry is eyeglass repair. We can usually solder broken frames as long as they are not titanium.


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